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New route to smoking addiction for adolescents: electronic cigarettes

When the living and the deceased don't agree on organ donation

Misfolded proteins are capable of forming tree-like aggregates in Alzheimer's disease

New method found to increase survival in sepsis

Limited resources available for injured surgeons

Two-thirds of parents unaware of opportunities for their children in medical research

Measuring the value and impact of orthopaedic care

New technique for testing drugs to treat cystic fibrosis and epilepsy

How probiotics could affect hay fever

Progression towards Alzheimer's disease indicated by an abnormal resting-state functional brain network

Drivers dangerously overtake cyclists 'regardless of reflective clothing'

Repeated exposure to negative events may neutralize them

Test shown to reduce early chronic lymphocytic leukemia deaths is now available to patients

UN develops innovative early warning tool for drought prone Asia-Pacific regions

UK postcode lottery: time to stop treating people with dementia as second class citizens

Supplements 'beneficial' for vitamin D-deficient ballet dancers

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Mother-to-child HIV transmission in Gipuzkoa reduced significantly over last 25 years

High-fat diets in puberty linked to breast cancer

Report: infant HIV decreases, but teen AIDS-related deaths increase

Tongue piercing-controlled wheelchair performs 'three times better'

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Aggressive new HIV strain leads to AIDS more quickly

Bone grafts may be better with new sea coral material

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Childhood exercise 'may reduce effects of maternal obesity'