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Low Libido? 11 Drugs That Affect Your Sex Drive

Low Libido? 11 Drugs That Affect Your Sex Drive

Dark chocolate 'good for the heart,' study suggests

Viruses in 700-year-old human feces have antibiotic resistance genes

Could Google Glass be used to predict disease outbreaks?

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New report highlights growing drug and alcohol problems for older people

Coordinating care for persons with dementia and their carers improves outcomes

Early atherosclerotic plaques in the vessel wall regress completely when cholesterol levels are lowered

Can non-invasive electrical stimulation of the brain help patients regain a state of consciousness after a coma?

Transition services for drug using, HIV-infected inmates leaving jail should be gender-specific

Mayo Clinic discovers African-Americans respond better to rubella vaccine

Secondhand smoke exposure linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes

VTT's hyperspectral camera shows promising results in detection of skin field cancerization

Unique multi-resistant bacterium difficult to eradicate

Improving the health of people with learning disabilities

Cushing's syndrome: A genetic basis for cortisol excess

UK drafts rules for three-parent IVF babies

Partly Cloudy today!

Better survival after lung cancer diagnosis in women linked to hormone therapy

Technology to detect explosives from greater distances may signal the beginning of the end for full-body scanners

Bio-inspired actuated material developed that mimics the complex motion of the heart muscle and could lead to better implantable medical devices

A woman's attitude during pregnancy affects weight gain

Breast cancer treatments could increase risk of developing osteoporosis or hypertension

Eggs of adolescent girls are different from those of adult women

Causal link indicated between vitamin D, serotonin synthesis and autism

Self-administered patches could be the future for flu vaccination